My 1st inspiration to build a flying machine was kindled as a 14 year old kid when I was watching a program on History channel I had a glimpse of this machine on a man's back which was propelling him in air which was mind blowing to me that time and I wanted it one day. Fast forward 10 years later the idea in my head resurfaced while traveling back home on my bike when I was stuck in traffic, with my computer skill I collected much of the data of the device which was a jet pack powered by h2o2, N2 and silver catalyst to build my own personal h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) jet pack.

Engineering didn't deter me but the risk associated with distilling 90% concentration h2o2 at my rented apartment held be back. :)

Early 2014 there was a big boom in commercial drone and UAV application for various purpose. There were news on the internet about big company's planning to use drones for delivering parcel on doorstep. One Mumbai food delivery chain Francesco's Pizzeria even succeeded pulling of this feat being way ahead of its time the idea was shunned by Govt agency for not informing authority before the test flight and not taking necessary permissions.

I got introduced to drone tech while I was working as a freelance IT guy for an OML NH7 event at Delhi for my friends. Which also brought me in contact with people from aerial photography industry.

Oct 2015 at the time there was a great demonstration of flying tech which was done by Canadian Inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru by building a flying platform and flying on it. Which further helped my cause for selecting the right tech in building a passenger drone.

The tech at that scale was still not an everyday commodity in India not easily available which added various complexity in importing the parts and testing.

To counter hurdles in importing components and for acquiring space for testing. We registered our company Paravai Aerospace Pvt Ltd. Paravai literally means bird in my native language. Para is most commonly used in reference with paraglider and parachute which are direct reference to flight.

As of November 2017 we are working hard to build our 1st prototype and all its components in house.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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